About This Workshop

Late last fall, I got excited about the idea of developing a prayer flag workshop because I wanted to introduce my fiber art friends to the joys of mixed media, and vice versa. What a great fusion it would be – paper, fabric and fiber, wax, paint – all the good things combined in flag and banner form.

My initial ideas were more focused on technique – the “flag” part of the project - rather than on the “prayer” part of the project.

But as 2019 became 2020 and the days became more uncertain, it was apparent to me that the spiritual component of this workshop might be exactly what we all needed, certainly as much as the part about creative process. I certainly did.

So while I was developing new ways to create and enhance the flags and banners, I talked with my friend Briana Saussy about her beautiful Daily Blessings, which have inspired me often on her website. Bri is an author and teacher whose essay on The Blessing Way tells us, wisely, what prayer and blessings are NOT:

Prayer and Blessing are not:

  • Found in any one specific religion.
  • Used to control or coerce others.
  • Performed in order to make you feel guilty, ashamed, or unworthy.
  • Motivated by greed and selfishness.
  • Formal in language, posture, and delivery. ~ Briana Sausey

I knew that Bri could help instill a deeper meaning to our prayer flag work. She graciously agreed to let us access all of her 365 daily blessings as well as that wonderful essay which the above quote comes from. You'll find these things in the next lessons, as well as an interview with her. Thanks beyond words, Bri!

As you work through these lessons, you’ll find, as I did, that sometimes you are inspired by meaningful words that bring a clear image to mind, and sometimes it’s an image that tells you exactly what word should go along with it. It’s amazing how all of that works together.

Regarding the processes and the techniques, there is nothing in this workshop that requires fancy commercial materials or brand-specific ingredients. If I suggest a particular kind of paint or transparency or beeswax, it’s only because I’ve tried it and like it. Work with what you have.

You are welcome to watch the more than four hours of instruction demonstrating five techniques before you start. They are not sequential and each one can stand alone. Anyone can do these prayer flags and banners, and they will be beautiful. You can always add another layer to them, or another blessing.

The history of prayer flags is long, honored, and universal. Here are some links for you:

The Peace Flag Project

The Prayer Flag Tradition

What Is a Prayer Flag Anyway?

I hope your Prayer Flags and Blessing Banners will be as meaningful to you as the ones I’ve made in this workshop as examples to set you happily and safely on your journey!

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