Several years ago, I created a piece for a Fiber Arts exhibition called The Pilgrim’s Scroll.

It was an experimental process that combined all of the media that I love – fiber, clay, paper and wax. The concept of the three-scroll piece was this – if you were a pilgrim on a journey and could take just a few things with you that reminded you of home and kept you safe on your journey, what would they be -- and how would you put them together? Would you take small pictures of your children? A treasured talisman? Secret marks in code? Scraps from your old beloved pillowcase? A tiny map?

And could you roll all of these up in a scroll that could be unrolled and cherished as you traveled?

There's so much to learn about paper and fiber fusion!

And image transfers on fabric!

And air-dry clay and stamps and stencils!

And Cheesecloth and Dropcloth!

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Image Transfer onto Fabric and Paper

Creating Amazing work in Paper Clay and other Media

Fusion Patches: Paper and Fiber Collage


The Original Pilgrim's Scroll

There are so many media that you can combine to create a dimensional, portable work of fiber art that tells a story only you can write.

I will give you the tools to make your voice heard through paper and fabric, beads and adornments, ribbon and marks.

These tools and techniques will take you across the spectrum of mixed-media fiber collage and give you options that you'll use from now on to tell the story of your journey.