Stories and Secrets

Spirit Boxes can be a simple or as complex as you wish. They can be made with paper, fiber, or both in combination. They can be adorned with glass, feathers, beads, sticks, lace, and ephemera of any vintage and variation.

Recycled tins and repurposed components are one of the secrets of these Spirit Boxes. You can add our own stories and secrets to yours as our construct a one-of-a-kind assemblage based on the ageless tradition of human representation and magic.

Evocative Faces

Learn easy ways to create faces for your Spirit Box with simple materials. Make their expressions mysterious!

Box of Secrets

The little tin boxes on the back act as hiding places, wall spacers, and hangers - all in one!

Curated Collections

This is a perfect project for all of your collected mixed media materials. You can re-invent and re-cycle while designing your Secrets of Spirit Boxes creations.

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A comments about Lyn's workshop

I just had to send a message. I watched the videos and am so excited!

This past year held a LOT of transition for me. My art had virtually stopped and that spells trouble for me. When I saw this class I knew I had to do it and it reignited my art spirit. I have spent the past 3 days glued to my art table. 

I feel like I’m coming back to life! 

Thank you! I just love you!

Lori H.