What's in the free mini-workshop?

Besides the enjoyable video, you also get two free page downloads from the Child Frida eight page collection to play with. These pages are designed to be torn up, rearranged, and enhanced by your own signature touches and techniques.

Lyn Belisle is developing curated sets of images as collage inspiration to teach the basics of content and composition, and child Frida is one of those collections. Here are the other collections:




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Inspiration for a Journal Page

The Frida Kahlo-inspired collage project invites participants to embark on a whimsical journey into the world of imagination and self-expression, paying homage to the iconic artist's formative years. Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo's own childhood, this simple collage project encourages the exploration of personal memories and dreams through a creative lens.

The process is a celebration of creativity, inviting individuals to tap into their inner child and channel their unique narratives into their artworks. Just as Frida Kahlo used art as a means of self-discovery and healing, this collage project empowers participants to delve deep into their own imaginations, resulting in a tapestry of personal stories and whimsical worlds, each as unique as the artist who creates it.