The Lessons

All the lessons in this workshop are done with a few simple tools in the Quick mode of Photoshop Elements instead of the more complicated tools in the "Expert" Mode

Here is an overview of what you will learn and practice in the lessons:

Section One - Downloading PSE 2021 and Opening the working window

(you can skip this section if you have already downloaded PSE 2021)

Section Two - Working With Adjustments

You will learn about changing colors and lighting.

You will learn to select one area of a photograph and change just that area.

You'll learn about printing your finished photograph - and more.

Section Three - Working with Effects

You will learn about the magic of affects and will want to spend the rest of the week in this section :)

You will learn to make a line drawing from a photograph

You will learn about the Open Eye tool

Section Four

You will learn how to add text to a photo or design

You will learn how to change font, size, and color of text

Section Five

You will practice three versatile projects -



and poems

Section Six

You will learn about using photos of your own work in PSE

You will get an introduction to Guided Edits

You will learn how to find and download photos from free online sources

Section Seven

Resources - other tutorials, PSE User Guide, and design and photo sources

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