Materials and Resources


All sampler projects will need these:

clear Beeswax, encaustic medium, hake bushes

griddle with several containers

5x7” 300# pound watercolor paper or heavy printmaking paper for samples

In addition, here are some special materials - you can try substitutions if you like and see what happens.:

Rusty Beeswax:

Tsukineko Walnut Ink, Java and Terra Cotta

Graphite Pencil

Metal rasp for texture (or substitute)

Metal Stamping letters (optional)

Gilder’s paste, Patina

Pan Pastels, yellow-orange


Inka Gold Metallic Waxes

Any variation of:

·        Blue

·        Red

·        Gold 


Small container of white-pigmented beeswax or medium

Small amount of yellow ochre oil paint

Non-paper flexible stencil

Needle tool for inscribing lines

Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Leaf, Gold

Tortoise shell:

Wax Scraping Tool

R&F Pigment Cake, Burnt Sienna

Alcohol Inks, black, Gold, orange-red

Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Leaf, Gold

India Ink with Gold Leaf

Black India Ink

Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Leaf, Gold

Metallic Gold Alcohol Ink

Note: This is an experimental workshop designed to expand your encaustic experience with various surface treatments. You may find that you use these techniques as just a small part of your composition, or you make want to make an entire painting or 3-D construction using these ideas. I hope you have as much fun trying them as I did putting them together! ~ Lyn

Here are color-coded "cards" that show the special materials that are used for each of the samples. You'll notice that many of the techniques share the same materials:

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