Endless Possibilities


One of the most irresistible qualities of the encaustic process is the warm organic surface of the wax. It can be scored and scraped, rubbed and polished, melted and textured – and more.

In this mini-workshop, Lyn will guide you through five surface treatments for your encaustic work, including faux raku finish, rust and ivory, tortoiseshell, and India ink with metallic embellishments.

You can join your sampler panels into a standing screen structure, or you can use them as journal covers. The Surface Sampler techniques will expand your encaustic/mixed media repertoire and dazzle your creations with richness.

You will need a basic knowledge of the safety guidelines and process setup for working with melted encaustic medium or beeswax to get the most out of these video examples. A good place to find general information is at All Things Encaustic.

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