Have you ever wanted to try a mixed media exploration that includes just about every little thing? This Collage on Canvas class takes you on a personal journey of artful exploration, including how to use your own images and words as creative content for a stunning collage on stretched canvas.

Lyn Belisle takes you through a mélange of techniques that will expand your mixed media horizons, including:


·        Soft abstract acrylic painted background surface treatments

·        Enhancing your work with man-made "found objects"

·        Using stencils, print and type on canvas

·        Transferring images to fabric and and adhering them to canvas

·        Selecting meaningful objects for your work

·        Securing sticks and stones to your surface

·        Thinking outside the frame

·        Fail-proof composition tips


This is one of the most popular workshops that Lyn teaches at her San Antonio studio, and now you can join her. You’ll use the techniques she demonstrates with your own images and materials to create a memorable personal statement on a 12’x12” stretched canvas that can work as a wall piece or table display. AND – each technique that you learn during this session can carry over as unlimited inspiration for your other mixed media work.

Collage on Canvas is a perfect way for beginners to gently enter the mixed-media world, and it’s great for experienced artists who’ve never used canvas as the basis for assemblage. Lyn says, “This class has more potential than any other that I teach for self-amazement – it brings out everyone’s person artist soul.”

This workshop includes Lyn's six page booklet on using air dry clay in a component of Collage on Canvas.

Also, as a special gift, every workshop recipient will receive a downloadable copy of Lyn's 32-page eBook titled Create a Dimensional Collage on Canvas.

Please take a look at the free preview lessons, then join me in Collage on Canvas. I look forward to working with you!


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