Lessson One - Here's your first look!


I'm so glad you're joining me for Collage on Canvas!

This was the first workshop I designed with a Mixed Media fusion approach. It combines painting, assemblage, image transfer, object-making, and much more. It also serves as a unique, visual method of personal story-telling.

I first taught Collage on Canvas at a retreat led by Joanna Powell Colbert on Whidbey Island in 2014. When I showed the students how the project worked, stories emerged like unexpected butterflies from the participants as they collected and assembled objects on their painted canvases.

It was as if we were tapping into a collective well of memories, and it was fun and enlightening.


This is absolutely an all-level workshop. Every technique you learn can be used in other ways and can be expanded in other directions. No special proprietary or expensive materials are required.

The lessons are formatted like most of my Teachable lessons are - there is a short text section followed by an instructional video. You can work at you own pace, and know that I am always available for individual questions by email - [email protected]

There are also downloadable PDF documents about materials, sources and other helpful things.

Ready? Then let's take a look at the introductory video!

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