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The wonderful little folding candle screen have round "windows" that let the light from a small battery votive shine through.

They are covered with artisan papers, ribbons, and vellum. Best of all, they fold flat to put into an envelope, and the card becomes the gift itself.

In this workshop, you'll learn to create several of these beautiful folding candle screens from an assortment of artisan papers that you can also stamp and alter.

Once you understand the basic structure, you can expand the design as far as your imagination will take you!



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Glowing Paper Votive Screens

Simple, ethereal paper lantern constructions that let your artistic lights shine

I discovered this lantern form when I was teaching a workshop on simple book construction. It was originally called an “X” book, a one-page folded mini-journal, but by adding cut-out windows and a tea light, this traditional book can be transformed into a lantern.

This project is a good place to recycle collage leftovers, orphan charms, ribbon scraps, and lovely paper remnants that may be too small for other projects but are just too pretty to toss. These little lanterns are a wonderful way to say, “You light up my life.” During the busy holidays, this is a great project to make and give as a gift. Just tuck it in an envelope and send it on its way.