Compelling Expressions that Resonate with Naturally-Altered Paper and Translucent Layers of Beeswax

You'll see lots of possibilities for enhancing your personal photos and curated image collections with beeswax and subtle hues. Among the techniques you will learn in Natural Expressions include:


  • Preparing small stretched canvas substrates for layered paper collage
  • Mastering composition with mixed media
  • Working with a limited natural palette of subtle, evocative “no-colors” in tempera paint, acrylic, walnut ink, graphite, crayon, and wax
  • Transforming digital photos into sepia tones without the use of Photoshop
  • Using beeswax to enhance layers and images
  • Using acrylic matte medium as an alternative to beeswax
  • Tinting the natural way with walnut ink
  • Rusting mulberry paper overnight
  • Assembling a wrapped mat around a canvas substrate
  • Attaching natural objects to a mat and integrating them into the mixed media composition


Rusted rough mulberry paper surrounds this haunting photograph of an Ellis Island immigrant

Beyond the Pale

A limited natural palette can create subtle beauty through content and texture

Construction Tips

Constructing layers of interest with lightweight papers can take mixed-media work to a new level

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Wax & Paper & Patterns & Wraps & Inks

& Rust & More

This is more than a simple photoencaustic workshop - it's a chance to expand your mixed-media repertoire to include rusted paper, ink marks, batik-like resists on paper, and many other surprising techniques that push the boundaries between paper, fiber, and photo-transfer.