In this workshop, Lyn Belisle, nationally known mixed media artist and teacher, will guide you through the process of constructing and adorning these lovely folded kimono art pieces.

The project allows you to explore many exotic, eclectic surface design techniques. Constructed from paper, the kimono’s neutral surface can be transformed into a fantasy of color and pattern in mixed media.

This ancient origami model, rediscovered by Lyn in the 90’s, became a focus for her work for the next fifteen years. Her large-scale origami kimonos can still be found in collections and institutions across the nation.

Besides being fun, there are all kinds of ways to adapt this project to various media and to construct it in all sizes. Kimonos of various sizes can be mounted on canvas as fine art, hung as mobiles and ornaments, attached to greeting cards, or used as free-standing sculptural components.

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