This Mystical Cat Shaman is built of all kinds of wonderful components. Cats have been both sacred and mysterious for centuries.

In this intriguing workshop, you will make a 14" tall Cat Shaman Spirit Figure. You'll learn to create the cat's head using four optional methods, how to make and fill its "heart box" with special charms, and how to costume its body in magical ways.

And you don't have to be an experienced artist to make it happen! The easy-to-follow videos - over two hours of instruction- will have you purring with joy!

All of the techniques Lyn teaches can carry over to many other mixed-media projects.

Access to this course has been extended until August 1

Note: This optional fired earthenware cat's head is available from Lyn's Etsy Shop, EarthShards, for $9

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The Mystical Cat Shaman

A Fine Feline Spirit Assemblage

The Mystical Cat Shaman was first offered in 2017 as part of the Artful Gathering summer class program. When the Artful Gathering group scattered, I decided to bring this popular class back to a new audience.

The updated Cat Shaman workshop will be available until August 1, 2020 for $39 tuition, which is about half of its previous cost. In this new version, I have updated some of the handouts and added to them. The videos, for the most part, are the original ones, over two hours of detailed instruction.

I am also recreating the original fired clay cat faces that were offered in the first workshop. They are available in my Etsy Shop, Earthshards. The small wooden boxes that we used in the first workshop are not available, at least not as far as I can tell. But I have found some small square papier-mâché boxes that I will include with each shaman cat head order.

However, you absolutely do not have to purchase one of my earthenware heads to make a verrrrr-y cool Cat Shaman. I show you four or five alternate ways to create a cat face, including using a photo of your own cat.

Your Cat Shaman can be dressed and adorned any way you like - there are lots of class video tips on doing this. And the center of your Shaman, the Heart Box, can contain any special charms and tokens that you collect or make.

A Cat Shaman brings magic to your life!


You will learn how to mold your own cat head, or how to create if from clay or paper.

This optional fired earthenware cat's head is available from Lyn's Etsy Shop, Earthhards, for $9