Creating art can take your mind off whatever is stressing you. ´╗┐It's difficult to keep worrying about your problems your problems when you're focused on creating.

In this FREE class, artist/teacher Lyn Belisle takes you step-by-step through a serene garden of bamboo and grasses

Sometimes, we need a creative pause to quiet our minds, something that does not require elaborate thought, materials, and setup.

Lyn's interpretation of Sumi-e painting is the perfect interlude, an antidote to stress.

You're encouraged to gather an inexpensive watercolor set, two brushes, and some paper. You will amaze yourself with your results and enjoy peace of mind as you practice the smooth strokes of Sumi-e painting as Lyn guides you through them.

We all need less stress, and this classis a gift from Lyn to you in hope that it brings you creative serenity.

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