Words are power. Words convey vast human complexities with small semantic symbols. Words can hurt, help, and heal.

This free all-level collage workshop is called “Spread the Word.” When we turn our words into art, we elevate and solidify their meaning.

The process is engaging and enjoyable, and the product is a personal abstract design based on a meaningful word chosen for reasons that are important to you.

Hi, I'm LYN BELISLE (say "buh-LYLE"), artist, teacher, author, and perpetual work-in-progress. My hometown is beautiful multi-cultural San Antonio, Texas, where I practice art, design instructional eBooks, run a popular Etsy shop called Earthshards, and teach workshops.

I've taught art in public school, at Trinity University, at my studio, and in workshops from Provincetown to Santa Fe to Whidbey Island.

My workshops are all-level and multi-media, and are designed to help you become more confident and more successful in your art practice. This is your place of creative belonging!

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