Sources, links, tips, and free printables

This is a gathering spot for helpful lists and sources that you can refer to for my workshops or for your own independent studio and reference work. You do need to click the "Enroll" button at the bottom of the pageto access the materials, but there's no fee.

I list my Top Five Indispensable Materials in the first section - bet you can't guess them all - and what's more, you can buy all five together for less that $50.

There's also a section of free PDF printables for you, some from my own collage work.

I add to this page often, so check back - and feel free to ask a question or suggest a resource!


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A Repository of Inspiraton and Information

It's a mixed-media resource repository for you to use as you would like. It's free for everyone. It's also an ongoing work in progress - just bare bones at the moment, but I'll try to continue to add to it on a regular basis.

I've taught art in public school, in college, and on my own for many years, and it is inevitable that I've developed my own style of instruction using materials that may be unconventional. It would be a shame not to share what I've learned to love through trial and error. Most of the tools and materials I use are simple and easily obtained. Many are "reinvented."

Come back often to see what's been added - links, tips, lists, and examples.