About This Workshop

Postcards to Myself is a workshop in interactive eBook form. That means that you can download the whole class, including 40 pages of lessons and links to 17 instructional videos, and keep them on your own computer.

And/or you can view the lessons and videos right here with lifetime access - your choice.

The eBook is still for sale as a stand-alone on my Etsy shop for the same price of $18, but accessing it through my Teachable studio assures you that it will always be handy online when you need to watch or review the lessons.

Many of the videos deal with technique. There are lessons on encaustic, on composition, on layering with abstract acrylic painting and much more. Some deal with details like cutting and matting. And some deal with critique when I show you what I think is “good” in a small work.

Encaustic Play

Learn how to incorporate beeswax and pigment into your mixed-media, then achieve equally delightful results with acrylic, fiber, digital imagery on tissueand textured papers.

Combine unexpected elements for great results!

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Parts Are Greater Than the Whole!

Learn to identify what works and what doesn't by isolating the strongest areas in your work and making notes on why and how to go forward with those strengths andinsights

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